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Ledger closes security gaps with Update 1.4.2.

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The Hardware Wallet manufacturer Ledger published the Update to 1.4.2. the Ledger Nano S. as a result, it is another piece of secure. Here are the Details.

Who wants to keep his digital Coins securely offline with a Hardware Wallet. A Hardware Wallet is usually a USB-Stick on which the private key of a crypto-currency is to be stored. In order to make a transaction, you must be connected to the Hardware (the USB Stick) to the Computer. This physical separation of Computer and the private keys leads to more safety. The company Ledger is in addition to Trezor is the most popular Hardware Wallet manufacturer.

Security needs to be created to be

You want to keep his Computer malware-free, so it is recommended to install Updates from the manufacturer – so also in the case of Update 1.4.2. for the Ledger Nano S. is smaller innovations. Ledger has a so-called Bug Bounty program, so a “head error”. Anyone who finds an error or an attack vector in the Ledger and reports, can win prize money for themselves. In this way, the product continues to improve constantly, no one to come to harm.

Update 1.4.2 prevents vectors two attack. The attacks could take place when a user enters the PIN, or his Seed on the Ledger. The Update now selects the numbers a random Start, or letters. Up to Firmware 1.4.1. the first number in the pin is entered incorrectly was always a 5 and the first letter of the Seed input, the a. An attacker could count how often a button on the Ledger was pressed, and thus, the actual number or the actual letter to find out. This attack is the random beginnings now possible.

Other innovations include a fixed error message when Update to 1.4.1. and improved verification of the Ledger-Apps.

Ledger takes care of customers

For all the Ledger-owner, and it will Update. For this, you must first uninstall all of the Apps on the Ledger, in order to create space for the Firmware Installer. To open the Ledger Manager, make space and then install from the menu on the left – the Firmware 1.4.2. The exact process was described by Ledger here. The Apps can then be installed and should automatically show the right inventory.

The Update demonstrates the commitment of the Ledger, the best possible product. The company developed the Software, implemented new currencies and user-friendliness. For Hodler, a Hardware Wallet is a Must – the Ledger Nano-S meets this need.

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