Lawsuit for Breaking Bad-beer

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A brewery that beer releases under the name of Breaking Bud, must immediately stop. That requires the producer of hbo’s hit series Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad actors Bryan Cranston (l.) and Dean Norris.

According to Sony Pictures Television is trying the brewery to make money from the success of the series by the beer with the logo of Breaking Bad and in the decoration of the drinks to refer to characters from the series. “Simply put, they have chosen to be our well-known brand to hijack instead of money to put into their own reputation and identity,” said the production company in rechtbankpapieren that it’s Tuesday submitted by.

Sony suing the brewer, according to The Hollywood Reporter among others, for infringement of trademark and unfair competition.

Breaking Bad was from 2008 to 2013 to see on American television. The show about chemistry teacher Walter White (Bryan Cranston) that the drugspad went up grew to be a kijkcijferkanon. The series was in 2013 included in the Guinness World Records, for highest rated show ever.

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