Joshua, deceived by the temptress, Temptation Island

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Again, gossip and intrigue from the camp of Temptation Island. After Megan in the arms of the seducer Joshua beland and Kevin comfort with Chloe, it now appears that they are following the program with Joshua off is gone. But also that love is already over.

Traditionally to celebrate all the (ex-)couples and singles after the shooting party. The spark between Chloe and Joshua would be skipped. This is much to the chagrin of Kevin and Megan. “I think Megan therefore cried in the plane on the way home”, would Chloe have said, according to Nieuwsblad.

In the secret had the two leaders then sneak in a number of months a rlatie. “Since december we are apart,” says Joshua. “They had deeper feelings for me and showed me that often to know. After a time I felt something, which I thought it was real. But a man may be deceived. I had feelings for Chloe, but not the right.”

The relationship would hit the rocks are gone, because they are during a holiday, another man was encountered. Joshua still don’t know for sure whether he has been deceived by the brunette. “I have strong doubts. I don’t think they are that kid over there “by chance” is encountered. Later she has a relationship with him.”

It has now become clear that there is nothing so changeable as the relationships in Temptation Island; Chloe would, according to the rumors now again happy with Kevin, Megan shares tegewnwoordig the bed with the best friend of Joshua.

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