Johnny de Mol grew up ‘with the duty to vulnerable people to help’

776c3dadb9bb4adbe8f229ce0a56f815 - Johnny de Mol grew up 'with the duty to vulnerable people to help'

Johnny de Mol can not help others: it is him as a child is already disposed to do that. “You can say that I grew up with the duty to vulnerable people to help, this was always a part of my life.”

“My mother does this with elderly people, to help and to work for the disabled. My father also absolutely carries his part. That is how our family is,” said The Mole in conversation with New Revu, this week made by journalists, photographers and other storytellers that their homeland have fled.

The 39-year-old presenter has of his parents learned that “if you do well, you must be willing to under-privileged to help”. “And that is not always financial. The most precious thing someone can give is time and attention.”

The Mole is an ambassador of The forgotten child and has helped to Lesvos for refugees to receive. “To help others feels better than the winning of any prize, or the score of any ratings whatsoever. But I don’t want all the credits to me hit back.”

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