’Johan Vlemmix clone himself.”

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Johan Vlemmix was already in disrepute with his converted sekspoppen, but since today he has a life-size 3D doll of himself. Or he really can enjoy is the question; today is also the lawsuit against him was launched.

Johan Vlemmix and his image.

“Who would this actually ever expected? Twice Johan Vlemmix!”, tells the Oranjefan in an interview with Eindhovens Dagblad (eindhoven daily while he proudly beside his image. “Or people could, I don’t know.”, he continues, laughing. Vlemmix received today the first sample of the doll in China, he has to make. “I’m quite satisfied with the result. It is therefore regrettable that it is now all over with my replica dolls.”

The citizen of eindhoven wanted a museum to begin with lifelike 3D dolls of CELEBRITIES, but Patricia Mine put a stop to it. She demands a compensation of 30,000 euros because Vlemmix, without her for them to inform, a sex doll of her on the market wanted to bring. Johan Vlemmix has, in turn, a claim for damages of 200,000 euros at La Mine laid down, because he by the negative publicity the plug from his company has had to withdraw.

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