Johan Nijenhuis if the name ’Che’ do not use

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It is the director Johan Nijenhuis has succeeded in obtaining a film to be Cuba, but he had the name Che in his film, in Love with Cuba not to be used in the script. He presented Wednesday the cast in Amsterdam.

Fall in love with Cuba

The story revolves around Loes, played by Susan Visser, who suddenly gets a call from the Cuban embassy that her daughter is getting married with a Cuban. They book the next flight to Havana and is determined to use a stick for this marriage to cross. During her stay on the island regains Loes her faith in love through an affair with the fiercely attractive Jan and her ex-husband Alex.

“Che Guevara is still too sacred for the communist government”, says director Johan Nijenhuis. Therefore, if he is not in use. The crew is about to head to the island to travel to the film.

Train sex scenes

The players have sense in the sun-drenched country. For Rolf Sanchez, who in the film the role of the fiancé of the daughter plays, the film will be his debut. He says very curious as to how the sex scenes in their work and is preparing herself for the by lot to enter the gym.

Maaike Martens, who is the girlfriend of ex-husband Alex plays, especially the dichotomy of her character interesting to play. In her role she is a party animal who interesting want to remain her friend while they prefer kids would like it and with chips on the couch would sit.

Susan Visser says her character Loes to be able to understand, but she would have her own daughter would not recover. For the actress, the entire summer in the sign of Cuba. After the shooting for the film is a Fisherman to the island of Terschelling on the festival Oerol to play in a play about Cuba.

Fall in love with Cuba from February 14, 2019, Valentine’s day, in the Dutch cinemas to see

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