Island Japan in the spell of the elusive thief

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ONOMICHI – The Japanese island of Mukaishima, in the spell of an escaped prisoner. The thief has been ten days in the hands of the police who are hunting him. He struck in that time period repeatedly, the message, the newspaper Asahi Shimbun.

The 27-year-old man escaped earlier this month from a facility for modelgevangenen. The police found a stolen car back later on Mukaishima. The authorities have eight thousand agents sent out to checkpoints to manning and patrolling. Also, the government wants some 96 guards to the island to send to schools to protect.

The criminal is not deterred by the army of agents looking for him. The police received several reports about the theft of cash from homes and vehicles. Detectives found two cases in which the fingerprints of the man. Also, would his DNA have been discovered on a discarded carton of milk.

It frustrates the inhabitants of the small island that the authorities do not succeed in the man to pick up. A problem is that there are at least a thousand empty homes are on Mukaishima. The police can’t just invade without the consent of the owner.

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