Iraq demands death penalty against 200 fighters

85b0d1a9009f4fd042b91d37b245f579 - Iraq demands death penalty against 200 fighters

MOSUL – Iraqi courts have in Mosul and the surrounding area since last year, 212 people had been sentenced to death. Most of the people because of membership of terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS). That says a spokesperson of justice in the country.

The Iraqi army, captured in July 2017 the city of Mosul. Were against 815 members of IS suits brought. Except the death penalty cases were given 150 people a life sentence.

In Mosul lived about two million people when the 2014 was taken by IS that there and in the surrounding area a self-confessed caliphate founded. Iraq declared last december that all of the IS fighters in the region were arrested or turned off.

Organizations for human rights have much criticism on the way the IS members were tried. A lot of evidence in court cases would be incorrect and have led to unfair judgments.

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