Harry Slinger gives zonnepanelenstrijd on

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It seemed Harry Slinger previously prepared to the utmost to go to battle with the municipality of Zaanstad, on the payment of taxes for solar panels to win, now he has the fight to enter. That he let himself know to the local news site The Hurricane.

Angry Harry Garland and his wife Jane, but they can be the sleepless nights no more treaties

It is after the ’just another restless sleepless night’ that the former singer of Printing and his wife Marijke – ’under protest’ – have decided bakzeil to pick up and the outstanding fees for their solar panels to pay. They got the bill for eleven hundred euros once they have solar panels on their historic building left. “We as citizens, living in a monument, in 2014, excited to get on the initiative of the councillor to share with its citizens the climate change problem to address.”

“But we were punished to do there substantial fees to have been taken into account.” Now that fees are abolished, what Harry Slinger welcomes, but they have nothing more to. “Hopefully, the municipality and the political in Zaanstad now have an ear for the sincere citizen who has a problem’ and continues to hide behind legal rules. You can legally equal, but socially human wrong.”

Rather, he indicated that he measures would take when the city began to threaten with bailiffs, after Harry and his wife the fees refused to pay. “They want war, they get war. If I search for the king himself. In his name is there, after all, seized!”

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