’Gosschalk is a long time in the fetal position on the ground,

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More than five months ago, there was a Job Gosschalk unmasked as the Dutch Harvey Weinstein. For many years, was the castingdirector young actors for his dirty work and abuse his power. For Peter Heerschop, who with Gosschalk worked and even speechte on his birthday, came the perverse revelations as a huge shock, as the actor says in the magazine Private. “What can someone with a hidden life, say.”

Job Gosschalk (l.), Peter Heerschop

A whole episode of the tv program Itching, which Heerschop next to Thomas Acda plays the leading role, comes awfully close in the near in the dubious transactions that occurred in Gosschalks farm have played. A hemorrhoid is a human being (2016) plays the castingredacteur, which at that time still as a director for the series, the role of a producer who is surrounded by young, handsome, male personal assistants.

Excerpt from Itching.

On the question of how he, with the knowledge of now, looking back on the conscious episode is full of references to Gosschalks actual practices, says Heerschop: “of course It is a us product, but the script comes from Denmark, where the series under the name of Klovn on broadcast tv. We are getting the literal translation and added to it to eventually have ten percent of your own improvisation to it.”


The comedian is convinced that everyone who is in Itching was nothing of Gosschalk secret life knew. “Thomas Acda not, Jelka van Houten, and I also not. Otherwise we couldn’t be sure what was said. Now it was just game in a scene. In retrospect, you could say that all fat was on top, indeed. Maybe played it for the Job at that point.”

Job Gosschalk actor Freek Bartels (excerpt from Itching).

On the anniversary of Gosschalk in October held Heerschop a speech, in which there was stood still and laughed to the things for which the castingdirector a month later against the lamp would run. “I loved that speech not to laugh at everything that follows is true,” says Heerschop at weekly Private. “That would suggest that I knew. I am greatly of shocked. Immediately after the Jobs statement, he is gone and I, for myself, a lot of problems. Because what can someone with a hidden life, say. I recognize people are always fast and always think a lot to know, but that was in this case not so.”

To the ground broken

Still remains Heerschop upset behind with countless questions for his former colleague. “How can this happen, how am you made it this far and what did you here all along? What’s actually in your head and what did you think when you with this way of doing it began? It Is for him ultimately a way of life? I have understood that he is in all kinds of heavy therapies to themselves to understand better and get his life back on the right track. The public execution has him, I suspect, to the ground broken. There’s not much more of him, he is a long time in the fetal position on the ground. That makes me to finally do something.”

The full interview with Peter Heerschop is to read in the weekly Private.

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