Gordon Ramsay makes remarkable turnaround

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Gordon Ramsay goes the vegan lifestyle a try. That he reports himself on Twitter, and sources from its environment to confirm this, writes The Latest News.

Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay shocked followers on social media that he is the veganism gave a chance. “Yes boys, you heard correctly.” Or are note only on the vegan pizza hit, which he presented for his new pizza restaurant or on his entire lifestyle, was still not clear. Insiders however confirmed his intention. They indicate that the renowned tv chef is very busy with his health and now wants to see what a vegan diet for his fitness does.

It seems therefore that animal rights organisation PETA than right. When Ramsay once tweette that he belonged to PETA, i.e. People Eating Tasty Animals, responded to the organization with supporting look. “Oh, Gordon. So, while you’re time will be used for future vegans to mock, we dare to bet that you will one day own one. Most chefs studies healthy animal – and eco-friendly food based on plants.”

How long the British chef to stick to it, is to wait and see. In any case, he keeps a tentative, even to himself: in his restaurants he just keeps with animal products work.

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