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Goldman Sachs is considering getting into the Bitcoin market

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According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the American investment Bank Goldman Sachs will be interested in the entry into the trade with Bitcoin. Reason, a growing customer seems to be of interest. Therefore, Goldman Sachs’s check currently how the interest of the customer on best use let.

Goldman Sachs should get as a Premier investment Bank and wall street Bigplayer in trading with Bitcoin, this could usher in for the entire crypto market a new Era. So far, the crypto-currency market of the majority of the Mainstream financial sector bubble was derogatory as a speculation or as too speculative. With the official entry of Goldman Sachs in the crypto currency market, this could be back from a niche market into the Mainstream.

However, it remains to be seen whether Goldman Sachs will implement its plans in fact. The opinion of the Bank was very cautious. Time wants to examine how and in what Ways it is possible to offer Bitcoin. In the past, Goldman Sachs had issued only or already rate forecasts to Bitcoins. Nevertheless, the news comes as something of a surprise, after to expressed recently, some people from the Bank being very negative in Bitcoin. In particular, the Expression of JP Morgan chief Jamie Dimon, that Bitcoin is a big Scam and is only for Criminals and Hyper-inflation countries was interesting, had created great uncertainty in the crypto-currency market and for a price slip.

Nevertheless, you should be aware of and know that big banks like JPMorgan Chase or Goldman Sachs partly in Silent and Secret, without a large amount of media consideration in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies have invested.

The interest of most institutional investors is, in our opinion, mainly in the big returns, the crypto-currencies have dropped, especially in the last two years, and not in the actual sense and the basic idea of decentralised crypto-currencies.

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