Georgina Verbaan was ‘sick’ of Chanel bag

1017e09a3076d9145f2dd459e42b10a9 - Georgina Verbaan was 'sick' of Chanel bag

Georgina Verbaan has when she was young a Chanel bag purchased “to belong”, but they soon found out that it was nothing to her.

“When I was younger, but I have periods had where I thought: I also have designer clothes,” says the 38-year-old Verbaan to Grazia.

“There is, for example, always and everywhere said that every woman has a Chanel bag will. I thought: maybe I also so a bag is necessary. Once I have a vintage copy bought, I was sick of: that I there is so much money to had issued.”

The actress, who is vegetarian, didn’t feel as comfortable to wearing the bag. “Also because he of doctrine was and that I would not wear.” When she recently launched her cabinet opruimde, she decided to bag than to do. “Now I want to just wear what I find beautiful.”

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