Flemish kasteelmoord: up to 27 years in prison for Dutch

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BRUGES – In the case about the murder of the Flemish kasteelbewoner Stijn Saelens in 2012, the district court in Bruges long prison sentences handed out. The two Dutch people involved were sentenced to 15 and 27 years. Both in the Netherlands and also convictions on their name, especially for drug-related offences.

The Belgian lord Stijn Saelens.

Prime suspect André G. (67), father-in-law of the victim, was given 27 years in prison imposed. This Flemish doctor had his knowledge Pierre S. (67) commissioned to make a plan to have his son-in-law killed. S. was punishable by 21 years.

The huurmoord was carried out by citizen of eindhoven Ronald B., who many years ago died. His cousin, Francis ’Roy’ L. from Tilburg (41), well-known his uncle to have helped, as the driver, and at the burial of the victim. He claimed that he did not know what his uncle was planning. He has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. That is nine years less than the strafeis, partly because he regrets expressed.

The fourth defendant, Evert C. (54) from the village of IJzendijke, has been sentenced to 27 years in prison. He denied involvement, but the court charged him that he, the client, and the assassin is in contact with each other brought. The judge called him a “beroepscrimineel, which, without scruples and only out for profit have acted.”


The 34-year-old Saelens was at the end of January 2012, shot to death in the castle of Carpentier in the village of Wingene in Bruges. His body was a few weeks later found in a pit in a forest, 10 km away.

A possible motive is that Saelens his young daughter had been abused. His father-in-law found moreover that he is a “bizarre parenting style” on idealism and feared the plans of the family to Australia to emigrate.

The VPRO broadcast this week a four-part radio series on the case.

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