Excelsior thinks with ‘world cup keeper’

4963baf29893d186c377dbacedcf4800 - Excelsior thinks with 'world cup keeper'

Ogmundur Kristinsson gets the rest of the season the chance to go to the world cup in goalkeeping.

Ogmundur Kristinsson may try in the viewer to play.

The Icelandic goalkeeper of Excelsior was last weekend, suddenly back under the bar instead of Theo to the Semis.
“We have always said: if we are in the situation that we can think along with you, then we want to do that,” says coach Mitchell van der Gaag, who, with the surprising Kralingers long and wide insurance of self-preservation.
Luigi Bruins is fit again and returns Wednesday night back in the basiself of Excelsior at Heracles Almelo.

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