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PHILADELPHIA – looking back at the crash of the American Boeing 737 to continue to different things hang. America mourns for a victim, yells at the same time to the fabulous action of pilots, and is ashamed of secretly for the clumsy dealing with of oxygen masks: virtually everyone was wrong.

So it must not.

A plane of Southwest Airlines Thursday announced an emergency landing in Philadelphia after at a great height, one of the engines had exploded. Passengers heard a loud ’bang’. Then a tinkling sound. The window next to the engine was blown. A woman next to it injured.

She was by the pressure difference to the outside ’sucked’, as stated passengers shocked. Her blood was everywhere”, said someone at CBS. Fellow passengers were holding her up to the landing firmly. Afterwards she was taken to the hospital.

Authorities have stated that one woman died – believed to be the appropriate woman, though that’s not confirmed. Seven others were slightly wounded. That the damage was ’limited’ is preserved, is a small miracle. When the plane safely landed, grew a magnificent round of applause for the pilots.


Continue especially the images of Marty Martinez hang. He started during the emergency landing a Facebook Live video, and filmed and photographed also passengers with oxygen masks on.

“What a great time to take pictures in an emergency,” responded someone. Others focus on the oxygen masks. It is clear to see how many people do have their mouth covered, but not the nose.

“People, please make sure if the flight attendants the veiligheidsuitleg do. That is for your own safety! You only have a certain “time of brightness” and then you will lose your consciousness” responds Lisa Marie Friedhoff, self stewardess, on Facebook. She gets applause from the countless ‘reacreeps’.

No joke

“We make it 10x per day,” sighs a steward in the comments. That “nobody instructions is clear,” writes someone, and a discussion about the safety on the way.

Many people will indeed recognize in the passengers. During the instructional videos is many all gently to sleep, dozing. Because when happens something now? Stupid, so. “This proves that those instructions are no joke.”

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