Drew Lynch

Drew Lynch was born in Indianapolis, America and later he moved to Los Angeles when he was 19 years old. At the age of 20 years, he was working for a softball company in America, when he an accident, he got hit on his throat with a softball that left him with a severe stutter problem and a vocal trauma that turned to a serious stuttering condition. This accident injury gave him limitations to his aspirations of becoming a movie actor, something he always wanted to become since he was a little boy, before the accident. Due to his stuttering condition, he decided to venture into stand-up comedy which turned out to be his talent.

In 2015 Drew Lynch went for the Americas Got Talent auditions on the stand-up comedy section, because of stuttering condition a lot of people were moved by his performance and he got the golden buzzer that send him straight to quarterfinals. Drew at the quarterfinals he performed the first week and a got public vote that send him to semifinals where still got public vote in the first week too and went straight to finals where he finished the completion in the second position.

Apart from Americas got talent, he has performed another stand-up comedy alongside other comedians like Michael Kosta on the game show called Idiotest where they did not win any money but both comedians donated $1000 to charity. Drew has grown to love his career despite what happened to him, he has been to reality TV shows. He has even make a joke about his stutter condition during Americas got talent. His stand up come mostly is about his stutter problem, dating and turtle shells. He adores his career and he is real about his jokes like the joke about a fake phone call.

After what happened to him, he was given a service dog, her name is Stella she 5 years of age. Stella was born in March and she is known as Lynch’s service dog even on YouTube. Stella has appeared on all Lynch’s videos uploaded on his YouTube channel and Drew always talks about her and even makes jokes about her mostly. Both Drew and his service dog was featured in an animation series called therapy dog in 2017.

When people hear about Drew they ask themselves lot of questions like his height, how old is he is, if he has a girlfriend and maybe how old he is. Well Drew is 27 years now, this year2018 he was be running is comedy tour around America. His height/how tall is 1.62 meters (5 foot, 4 inches), Lynch is raised by a complete family mom, dad and siblings.

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