Dotan gets old trick out of the closet

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Dotan draws in various media the boetekleed for all the fake social media accounts that he used to promote themselves. Nevertheless, it seems that the singer still lies spreads. At the table with RTL Late Night, Tuesday night, he maintained that his story about the fan that is next to him in the plane, however, is correct, but also this event seems to be not entirely – or not at all – based on truth. In 2014, he told namely about exactly a similar experience.


“Of the week, I sat in the train opposite a man who to my album listened,” said Dotan four years ago, in an interview with 3voor12. “I heard it through his headphones and I saw my artwork on his phone. He looked right at me, but recognized me clearly not. Just as I thought: I want to thank him that he is listening to me, but then I thought: no, it is so good. Many people have no idea who I am. I am not in my own video clips and do not come for everything to show up on tv.”

At least, it is remarkable that three years later, in 2017, once again, in addition to a so-called fan was to his music listened to without having to have them next to her idol sat. The story earned him, in contrast to the same story from 2014, a lot of media attention.

Despite the fact that Dotan says to want to do the confidence back to win and a lot of regret of his lies, it looks now that even these words are a lie. Is definitely continued…

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