Distraught Van ‘t schip will find that PEC has nothing to search in play-offs

78938beb4debe107facc94cb33109af4 - Distraught Van 't schip will find that PEC has nothing to search in play-offs

In the battle for the play-offs for European football did PEC Zwolle Tuesday bad business by 2-0 to FC Twente to lose. Coach John van ‘t schip could only guess to the reason of the dramatic range of his squad.

“We should all be looking in the mirror. If we play, we have nothing to look for in the play-offs. We talk about it, but it’s just not good,” says the trainer of PEC for the camera of FOX Sports.

Before the winter break, performed PEC excellent, but in 2018, the Zwolle unrecognizable. In the last ten matches played, only one time won. PEC state with 44 points, eighth, and therefore still in a play-offplek, but it feels the hot breath of ADO Den Haag, which is 43 points.

“A number of things is simply not as good as before the winter break. It can of confidence and sharpness. What can I do? We talk, I try it with a rest, additional training, a free day of hooking, book a hotel… Finally, we must in any case be hard to continue to work.”

Van ‘t schip notice that his team is struggling with the expectations. After the strong first half of the season paste PEC the goal and talked it out for European football.

“We can’t handle it well. If you look at the results, you must conclude that we are not able to tolerate. Of course wíllen we the play-offs still in, but we still need to but make sure that we are part of it. That will be a very tough job.”

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