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Crypto market is falling; Populous stable and Lisk increases by 20%

acd3e3a2c4d23083a2e065fb9b21691b - Crypto market is falling; Populous stable and Lisk increases by 20%

The crypto market is yesterday fallen back again to just under 10%. Not only Bitcoin, but also almost all of the Altcoins on the market was affected. The strong fluctuations that currently have an impact on all the Coins, seem to confuse a lot of newcomers or not even drive them to Panic selling, since the market is rising as fast as last year.

The market capitalization decreased within 48 hours to almost 100 billion dollars. On 29.01.2018 briefly, the 600 billion Dollar brand could be affected. A short time later the trend was but a Down, the 500 billion Dollar mark broken and a short-term 7-day Low was recorded from 481 billion dollars.

Many newcomers complain that the market in its current cycle that offers no way to take profits home. At the end of last year, in particular, in the period from November to December, it was to achieve, however, is very easy to profits.

No matter what Altcoin to get out of the Top 10 has bought. With a subsequent holding period of a few days or weeks, the value of the crypto currency, and thus their own profit could be increased considerably. Partial gains of more than 100 percent of the goods within the shortest time to value possible. This simple “tactic” no longer seems to work in the current market. Nevertheless, there are crypto-currencies could rise in the last 24 hours.

Populous and Lisk defy the negative market sentiment

As we already reported yesterday, is for the Populous of the Launch of the official platform directly. The euphoria boosted the exchange rate and led to a price increase of almost 40 percent within the last 7 days. Although the market has decreased as a Whole in the last 24 hours, so the Populous Coin was able to win even 5 percent of their value.

Particularly striking is the Course of Lisk, the rose, contrary to the Negative trend of the market within the last 24 hours by more than 20%.

The Team of Lisk is currently in South Korea on the road and gives the news of the upcoming Relaunch of the Coins, the on 20. February 2018 will take place. The Lisk Relaunch Event is organised in Berlin in the Westhafen Event & Convention Center. For all others interested there is a live stream from 19:30. Furthermore, Lisk has been added to the Exchange Bitflyer.

The Asian Tour seems to Lisk slowly but surely pay off and to have a direct positive influence on the course. Also for the future of the Relaunch, could give a decisive boost for the cryptocurrency.

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