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Crypto-critics of the Shiller begins to understand Bitcoin

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The economist and Nobel laureate Robert Shiller has said in the past, always negative about Bitcoin and all other crypto-currencies. Now, he has recognized the decentralized nature of digital currencies, and begins to understand the enthusiasm of the crypto-Community.

Only in January of this year, BTC-ECHO reported that Shiller’s comparison of the Bitcoins to the Tulip mania of the 17th century. Century. So he joins the ranks of a critic-Riege, the efforts of this comparison, including Goldman Sachs, Sheila Bair, and Elmar Brok. In addition, he sees in Bitcoin & co. a fad and a pyramid scheme. Just on the economic and financial news channel CNBC, Shiller did his hard opinion about digital currencies, Often known. He said this during a debate with the crypto-experts Brian Kelley:

It is the quality of the story that pulls all of this interest, and is not necessarily sustainable […] what drives the market? These are not the basics. It is not so, that this is a fundamentally important thing, this Bitcoin.

But a “great story”?

Now Shiller has not changed his mind, but of a different kind. 13. April he expressed his detailed views on CNBC. He sees the Bitcoin as a temporary phenomenon. However, he recognizes now, what is the Revolutionary in him:

There are a lot of people, [which] do not trust the government. You like the idea that this came not from the government. It came from a really clever computer scientists. You like the. It is a great story for the markets of today.

Shiller acknowledges the advantages of the decentralized nature of crypto-currencies. He also admits that his previous critical Statements may have been overzealous. For someone who has repeated like the same withering judgments for Bitcoin & co., this insight is remarkable. In spite of his criticism of crypto-currencies, he was always interested in the underlying Blockchain technology. It seems that the US had-an Economist now also more intensively with the other aspects of the digital currencies.

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