Compulsory targets for recycling in EU-countries

7fefb5a124d57b5421dc979ae668ae00 - Compulsory targets for recycling in EU-countries

STRASBOURG – The EU member states are obliged themselves sharper to set goals around re-use, recycling and reduction of waste and wastage. The European Parliament voted Wednesday in with the necessary legislation, where in december a political agreement on it was reached.

The packaging materials should be in 2030, 70 per cent are recycled. In 2025 should be 55% of household waste to be recycled or composted (now is that 44 per cent) and in 2035, 65 percent. Then only 10 percent are disposed of to a landfill. Now that is an average of one third.

In the transition to a circular economy should waste incineration be greatly reduced. Further biodegradable waste at the end of 2023 in the EU as a whole be treated separately. The aim is to create food waste, 90 million tonnes per year, by 2050, to halve. In 2030 should be almost a third less.

The netherlands is doing relatively well in the area of the circular economy and has many of the targets already met or within reach.

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