’CIA chief met in secret Kim Jong-un’

687bfca53c1da5e72bb7849a866c26bf - ’CIA chief met in secret Kim Jong-un’

WASHINGTON – The U.s. CIA director Mike Pompeo has secretly had a meeting with Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea. During the meeting, which took place in the easter weekend, was talking about a possible summit between the North Korean leader and the Us president Donald Trump.

The Washington Post brought the news to the outside and relies on two anonymous sources that the trip fails. Pompeo is the highest-ranking American official that so far Kim Jong-un has met. The CIA chief is the main candidate for the fired Rex Tillerson to follow as minister of Foreign Affairs.

Pompeo had wrists, or the regime in Pyongyang seriously, the conversation with Trump wants to deal with. According to him, if that is the case, but the country has still not made preparations for one of the intended locations a top to keep.

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