Ceferin critical about videoref: ‘don’t Hope on world cup issues”

d84e701f8fc982b865fc3d3536d8dee4 - Ceferin critical about videoref: 'don't Hope on world cup issues"

Aleksander Ceferin is critical about the current videoarbitrage in the football world. The president of UEFA, says that more testing is needed and the system should be improved to the also in the Champions League.

Aleksander Ceferin

Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA decided in march the videoscheidsrechter (VAR) to use during the upcoming world championship in Russia. The international spelregelcommissie IFAB had earlier paved the way. Ceferin thinks that FIFA is too fast in has voted.

“At the world cup, we get referees to see that never with this system have worked. I hope that it will not lead to problems,” says Ceferin in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport. “It is too early for VAR. That does not mean that we will never enter. Ever will we be in the Champions League, but we have no hurry. The Champions League is like a Ferrari or a Porsche. There you can not immediately go away. First, you need to practice and see how it works.”

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