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Card payments get new competitors – it Is still old technology?

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Mastercard has opened 175 new staff positions for the development of its Blockchain Integration, Litecoin announced a potential Visa-debit card in partnership with TenX, and Amex upheld a Patent for a Blockchain-based payment system – but for how long we are going to use physical cards?

Credit / Debit Card Payments

Fiat Blockchain

Mastercard recently gave the development of a large Blockchain-program is not known. To do this, they opened 175 new locations for their R&D Center in Ireland.

Visa is working with several Cryptocurrency projects to day-to-day payments. Charlie Lee Tweeted about the potential for a LiteCoin card.

American Express patented Blockchain technology applications.

Discover joined the Chamber of Digital Commerce, it is a Blockchain-lobby group.

Crypto to Fiat

Real credit cards are currently not in any Form about crypto-currencies available. The block Mason-credit Protocol, this could allow for may be, however, is more focused on the decentralisation of existing debt. They published a Dapp, which Venmo is similar and Lndr was called.

Prepaid debit cards are at the present time, used to crypto-currencies in the technology to bring the currently with POS Terminals and Online payment processors available. TenX and Monaco both work via Prepaid Visa cards. TenX hopes to continue to be a Bank to obtain a license in order to increase the versatility of your mobile wallet and financial services.

MoxyOne is specifically focused on ICOs with individual Branding. The cards are Laden with the Tokens and be sent to early investors of the respective ICO’s.

Exchange Prepaid cards are similar to regular Prepaid cards, only that in this case the charge of the card only a short time before a transaction happens. This does not mean that this is due to the resulting price volatility for the card owners always have an advantage. Some of these wallets also keep Fiat currencies, as a result, the cards can decide owner, when he wants to run the exchange.

HashCard is still in the pre-ICO Status to 01. May. This project combines the advantages of decentralized exchanges and traditional debit cards. The exchange of crypto-currency to Fiat is done in real time while the user is executing a transaction.

Plutus and Change use similar real-time exchange of methods and are already available.

Satoshi for Satoshi

The inherent value of crypto-currencies derived from the Bitcoin white paper, which established a Trust-less exchange medium, which is never a middle man. A Third-party is inefficient, adds fees and reduces security.

Blockchain technology has developed Tools for complex transactions, which go far beyond the possibilities of Bitcoin and the Fiat currencies. The value of the Bitcoin, however, remains unchanged.

Blockchain technology is an invention in and from the Internet. It appears likely that the attempt Blockchain-technologies in traditional financial technologies to populate, which causes more problems than it solves. Therefore, it makes sense to find new solutions to search which is based on Blockchain technologies.

One such example is PumaPay, a Protocol that helps companies, payment processing structures, antiquated to overcome in order to create systems that work best for your needs.

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