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Cambridge Analytica: data guard?

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Cambridge Analytica, a company for data analysis, was last known to have, among other things, the US-American election campaign influenced. Now there are reports that it would plan a ICO. But at least they wanted to use the Blockchain to protect data better.

Which Pizza ingredient is best suited to your zodiac sign? Which Game of Thrones character are you? What animal were you in your previous life? Users of social media know about these surveys. You are on one or the other way interesting, funny or stupid and to convince, to participate. While you wait eagerly for these “personality tests” on the results, you forget too often, what emerges during the: a personality profile.

Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and micro-targeting

Because with each additional click, which describes the own habits, increasing the digital track, which drags behind. Also if you do that in the vastness of the Internet already: With these “personality test” to make the track more precise. And this track is worth money.

Micro-targeting is one of the strategies that makes this data so valuable. The planned and targeted Set of information in order to influence the behavior of people, primarily from voters. What is sounds like without the background information to Simple and conspiracy theory, in political practice for a long time. By micro-targeting influenced Cambridge Analytica, among other things, the recent presidential elections in the United States and in Kenya. For the specific Place you need data.

For Cambridge Analytica used recently one of the largest data Miner in the world. By posting the supposedly scientific App “thisisyourdigitallife” on Facebook, and collected hard data in order to evaluate the finally. Recently Facebook admitted that detours data of 87 million users collected. Even if Mark Zuckerberg stated officially to know nothing of this “data abuse,” said the former Facebook Manager Sandy Parakilas in the Guardian that such data taps were nothing out of the ordinary.

Influence of the US election campaign

By micro-targeting, they influenced the U.S. election campaign. Accordingly, we placed circles in a targeted negative information about Hillary Clinton in an uncertain choice. The result everyone knows: With a Solarium and/or self-tanning unnaturally tanned face, it rages through the history of the world, tweeting incessantly and threatens all three days, the third world war. (Read more here).

As the news Agency Reuters reported, planned Cambridge Analytica, to start an ICO. According to unconfirmed sources, they wanted to use him to a total of 30 million US collect dollars. At the request of Reuters one confirmed this statement, however. The only comment was that they wanted to use the Blockchain to protect Online data:

“Before the Facebook controversy, we were going to develop a number of technologies to help individuals, their personal data from company back. So you would have to be re-used with full transparency and control over the way their data. We are going to explore different ways of how people manage their personal data and make money can, including the Blockchain-technology“,

Cambridge Analytica, explained to Reuters.

The Blockchain technology can not only help you in the financial system, but also in the world of data and social media to shift power relations, about which we had reported in detail. Now Cambridge Analytica on Blockchcain-thinking solutions to data protection, it is not necessary to comment further.

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