Brussels doesn’t allow tv screens world cup Red Devils

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BRUSSELS – Belgian football fans the game of their Red Devils at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia this summer, not on large tv screens in the centre of Brussels to follow. For security reasons, prohibits the city council screens in public places like the Market square and also cafes may only turn on the tv.

According to a spokesperson live there are too many nationalities in the Belgian capital, making each match a lot of people to the town lures. That is a burden for the police. There is “discussion, to avoid” no exception is made for the Belgian national team, on June 18, his first game, against Panama.

The fully packed places would also be a terreurrisico forms. During the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2016, three months after the attacks in Brussels, took the police three men on top of that, according to her, to the point were so many possible victims in the EK-village near the north station. A hundred Red Devils supporters was there for the game Belgium-Ireland on a big screen to follow.

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