Boeing 737 remains on the ground because manual is not ready yet

30e84249c30fa8cf62b9772e60ed1618 - Boeing 737 remains on the ground because manual is not ready yet

PARAMARIBO – A new unit of the Surinamese airline SLM that Monday night arrived in Suriname, it can not yet be used. Reason: the manuals of the aircraft, a Boeing 737-700, are not. As a result the technical inspection not be completed.

According to The True Time of its inception, more than a year been busy for the unit to hire a Chinese company. In February, the device was extensively tested, in march, the unit would already should be delivered.

Strict adherence to rules

Luchtvaartwaakhond Casas is according to The True Time very strict in the observance of the rules. Because of the lack of the technical requirements, the aircraft is now on the ground. Also the training of pilots and cabin crew are resistance.

The then director of luchtvaartwaakhond Casas, Brian de Souza, was in February, was present at the comprehensive examination, according to The True Time.


In anticipation of this unit, the SLM since last year, using a leased Boeing 737-800 aircraft for regional flights. This unit, complete with crew, is from the Czech republic.

It is not yet clear whether the rent of this unit is extended.

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