Barbie let again make abortion

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Samantha de Jong has for the second time in nine months, abortion commit. Last Saturday for two hours of afternoon Barbie spotted at the Gynaikon-clinic in Redmond.

The photographer of the Story mocked Barbie in a tracksuit with a pink handbag at the clinic. Good friend Kimberley had been brought to support her.

Three weeks ago, the realityster her family and friends informed about the fact that she again was pregnant. This time it would be her ex Jordi Ossel the father. A source has let us know that She still doubted whether the pregnancy actually wanted to abort: “one day, she was totally in the clouds and she said that a mouth more to feed the difference also would not make. Then the next day come to the conclusion that the still better was the way to get out, because they are not a good future.”

The abortion last year when she was pregnant with Rolf Tangel, there would be quite a hacked have with Barbie. “I’m not exaggerating when I say that they were there for every day of sadness. You don’t want to know how often they are talking about that child with us. They should then last year abortion have committed, but in her head she is all the time just get pregnant, have remained!”

According to the source, we don’t have to be afraid that they will within a short time, again becomes pregnant and again an appeal must do at an abortion clinic; Barbie has an iud.

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