“Barbie does not have an abortion’

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The news that Samantha the Young an abortion has to undergo, is not true at all, says her best friend Kimberley, who was the Gynaikon-clinic in Redmond.

Samantha de Jong

To News says Kimberley how it really is. “She has absolutely no abortion commit, she has only an iud. We have been to Roermond gone, because we thought that the media would not come. But yes, that is yet to come.”

On her own Facebook page denies Samantha also that they are at the clinic for an abortion. She is furious and calls people to it the next time just to ask her what she’s doing there. “Not that I text and explanations’m due!! Let Jordi and me good peace, man,” she writes in capitals and accompanied by some bad language, appropriate to conclude with: “Drop on”.

The photographer of the Story mocked Barbie in a tracksuit with a pink handbag at the clinic. According to a source in the leaf, it would indeed be an abortion, would the baby of Samantha’s ex Jordi Ossel, and had the realityster her family and friends three weeks ago already informed about her pregnancy.

In the aftermath surrounding her hospitalization, it was announced that Barbie last year, an abortion had to undergo, when she was pregnant with Rolf Tangel.

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