Arnold Schwarzenegger remember Barbara Bush

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Ellen DeGeneres stood still at the death of the former First lady.

Several hollywood stars have on social media Barbara Bush a last homage. The former First Lady died Tuesday at age 92.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared a picture of herself with Barbara, the wife of George Bush senior. “My thoughts are with president Bush and the entire family, and everyone on this planet that the luck had Barbara as a friend to call,” he wrote. “How sad I am, I can make her voice heard at Camp David, which tells us to not have to make her and move on.”

“Barbara Bush has a great lives”, wrote Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter. “I send her family lots of love.” Also Barbra Streisand sent her condolences under a picture of Barbara and George H. W. Bush.

Patrick Dempsey shared a snapshot of him and the former First Lady on the golf course. “It was a pleasure to her to meet”, he said in the caption. “My thoughts are with the family Bush. She was very loved and will be incredibly missed.”

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