’Appointment Selmayr must be reconsidered’

ca07da020fdf3ca1356731f5373f59e7 - ’Appointment Selmayr must be reconsidered’

STRASBOURG – The ’flitsbenoeming’ of Martin Selmayr to the highest official of the European Commission may not by the bracket. A large majority of the European Parliament (464 at 205), the commission asks for the appointment of the secretary-general to reconsider.

The appointment was something of a coup, says parliament in a resolution which is the subject of Strasbourg was voted on. Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker arranged in February for his former chief of staff that he was the Dutchman Alexander Italianer on march 1, could follow because Italianer unexpectedly retired.

Paul Tang (PvdA): “By this affair is the trust of citizens in the EU harmed. All internal procedures, also in the European Parliament, should be reviewed. Appointments should be transparent and there should be no room for favouritism.”

Juncker has previously said that he Selmayr will not ask to leave.

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