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Anderlecht is at the bottom in frenzied Sclessin

009a532f02d7d815724fd3845e1e908c - Anderlecht is at the bottom in frenzied Sclessin

Standard has the top match against Anderlecht with a 2-1 win after a real cupmatch in a stirring Sclessin. By the loss of Anderlecht can Club Brugge tomorrow to six points lead, if it wins of Charleroi.

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In a stirring Sclessin let Hein Vanhaezebrouck Lazar Markovic, who impressed against Club Brugge, not to play at Anderlecht. The trainer of Anderlecht, thought that the Serb still not ready for three matches in a row and left Ryoto Morioka start. At Standard no Zinho Vanheusden, the young defender who done so well against AA Gent. The suspension returned Giorgos Koutroubis took his place.

The Fiery City made his name from the outset, all the glory. The home team started in overdrive, with Junior Edmilson as the ubiquitous villain. Edmilson founded chaos on the right wing of purple and white with his dangerous actions and crossing. How ironic that the Brazilian-Belgian recently linked to the Belgian champion. After ten minutes, it was Edmilson who the breakthrough forced. Anderlecht-goalkeeper Matz Sels did not look good on his low cross, Leander Dendoncker missed his interception and third dog Renaud Emond put the ball in the empty goal: 1-0. The temperatures in Liège was only a few degrees the height.

Calculated Trebel strikes back

Not that Anderlecht have no chances. Three times came the inhabitants of Brussels close to score a goal, by Ryoto Morioka. But every time jump the Japanese to be sloppy with the chances. First, he decided only for the true Standard-keeper Ochoa weak on the Mexican, then he left after to take advantage of weifelachtig action of the Liege defence. All that time, remained Standard, under the impulse of their twisted conductor Edmilson, but the forcing. Until just before half-time. The home team was against the own goal pinned down by Anderlecht. First escaped the Rouches even when a flame of Sven Kums on the pole burst, but in the subsequent phase, it was still bingo. Calculated ex-Standard man Adrien Trebel cracked the tie with a deviated shot on the board.

Halfway, went the dolls to dance. Standard-trainer Ricardo Sa Pinto sought the confrontation with Anderlecht assistant Karim Belhocine and it came to a riot just now in the tunnel. Referee Lawrence Fisherman could not laugh.

Carcela makes the difference

After rest it was time for the delicious contest continue at a high tempo. Razvan Marin got a chance on the 2-1, but this time kept Matz Sels Anderlecht right. The home team continued to dominate and that led to frustrations for the inhabitants of Brussels. Lukasz Teodorczyk blasted a ball fierce against a Standard player. Thereto is recovered, the people of liège the ball, put a new attack, and… scored. Edmilson – who else – with a clever pass on Mehdi Carcela, who cleverly took it, is untenable to the inside cut and the ball in the farthest corner laid. A stunning goal, exactly on the hour.

Then it was back to Anderlecht. A tired Standard crawled back and confined himself mainly to the advantage of defending. The troops of Hein Vanhaezebrouck seemed no fist more, to Kenny Saïef are devils disbanded. The Israeli danced past two players and got the ball for goal. From only a few meters could substitute Silvère Ganvoula free shoot, but the unfortunate Congolese when he kicked right at Ochoa.

The slotkwartier was still marred by a supporter that a wine glass on the field threw. Of course, dangerous, the game had to be shut down. That changed, however, but little to the case. Anderlecht came across a red wall, Sclessin showed himself to be certain and went to the singing. By the victory is approaching Standard, to one edge of number three AA Gent. But more important: Club Brugge can tomorrow, provided that profits at Charleroi, again six points lead at Anderlecht.

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