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ZClassic: On the siding with the Bitcoin Private Fork?

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Already 8 days after the Start of Zcash is the result of a Hardfork the Coin Zclassic, with the guiding principle of the Mining more attractive, since during the Mining of ZCash 20 per cent of income by the developer to be retained. How much potential is actually behind ZClassic?

In addition to this Fairness aspect to the miners Zclassic has no major differences to Zcash: Anonymous transactions based on the Zerocoin Protocol, the zk-SNARK algorithm, as well as the Trusted Setup Meeting are implemented currencies, both Crypto.

ZClassic is created via Hard Fork of the ZCash Blockchain and at a rate of approx. on 05.11.16 started. To the editors ‘ time (08:00) is of course quite unstable and with an expected further Downtrend in 69,51 € per Coin and a market capitalization of EUR 290 million.

The ZClassic Chain

All transactions made via the Zcash, will be basically, like Bitcoin, to one that is accessible to all, public Blockchain made and stored.

In contrast to Bitcoin ZCash and Zclassic, however, offer the possibility of transactions to detect encrypted and verified.

Data such as transaction amount, the sender and the receiver are on the Blockhcain and, therefore, a clear and immutable verifiable, but you are, by the Zerocoin Protocol is encrypted, for no one to see.

The verification of the encrypted transactions are made possible by the so-called “zk-SNARK”. The method is based, similar to the RSA encryption, on the mathematical basis of the so-called one-way functions. Simplified functions including merge, which are to be solved in one direction (encryption) is easy and clear. However, it is almost impossible to conclude from the result of the function (Encrypted data) back to the factors (non-Encrypted data + keys).

In contrast to RSA encryption, the encryption is based here not on the Prime-factor Decomposition, but on one-way functions in the Form of complex Polinomial equations, whose properties allow it to work with the coded data, and to verify thus, the transactions without knowledge of a key and to decrypt the data.

As well ZClassic really is?

Zclassic can be traded on most major exchanges such as Bittrex and Cryptopia against Bitcoin. Custody options for the Coins offered by the Electrum Wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux, a Full-Node Wallet, also for the 3 leading operating systems, a Paper-Wallet, as well as the mobile Coinomi Wallet for Android on almost all platforms, which allows a flexible use of the Coins.

In fact, Zclassic is, by and Large, only a Miner, fairer Version of Zcash, which put simply, is just a Bitcoin with the possibility of transaction anonymity.

The strong price fluctuations in the last few weeks and the price decline of about 45 percent in the last 7 days, have a strong negative connotation for further development.

A large part of the price increase in the last 90 days (of under 5 Euro on it intermittently over 190 euros) is probably due to the Bitcoin Private Hardfork, all ZClassic owners in the same ratio Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Coins will be credited. What conditions must be met in order to receive BTCP, we have summarized already earlier.

With the current Snapshot for Bitcoin Private, on 28.02.2018, could be followed by a further price fall. Probably a variety of investors, has bought ZCL only to get BTCP. If the source code of ZClassic is maintained, is also not yet entirely clear, because behind BTCP, the founder of ZClassic, Rhett Creighton and Joshua stuck.

As it continues, will only be able to the next days show.

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