Youngest season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ worst watched finale since season 1

498d9d1680cff2dbe95593f04c05b151 - Youngest season finale of 'The Walking Dead' worst watched finale since season 1

It goes from bad to worse with the once-celebrated American series ‘The Walking Dead’. The ratings have been since the sixth season in free-fall. On the whole eighth season looking at lured the zombieserie, on average, half less viewers than the fifth season. With 7.9 million observing eyes, the season finale last Sunday for the worst watched finale since the conclusion of the first season in 2010, reports entertainmentmagazine Deadline.

Negative reviews (with a user score of 4.8 on 10 on recensieplatform all time according to and an average of 7.2 on the online database, IMDb) and declining ratings: the once popular zombieserie ‘The Walking Dead’ is almost at the point of death.

Once it was the series based on the Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie adlard which made same-named strip, a kijkcijfersucces: loved the premiere of the fifth season, a whopping 17.3 million viewers eyes glued to the screen. From season 3 to season 7 was the average number of viewers per season over 10 million. During the last season of lost, the show averaged over 3 million viewers. A new season is already confirmed, and more exciting than the story is the question of whether the series of standing can hold or continues to sink.

However, there is a bright spot: the fourth season of the spin-off of ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’, took Sunday off to a flying start. With 4.1 million viewers, it was the best opener since the start of the second season in 2016.

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