Yet more cheating on Temptation Island

Next Thursday there is a violent episode of the program in which four couples the ultimate relatietest undergo. And Thursday runs, the tension seriously. Although, the voltage falls away as the electricity in the resort is lost. By a breakdown of the electricity in the stay of the candidates, according to Fabrizio a result of a short circuit. “Then out of nowhere went all the lights off, no more light,” said Cherish at the end of the previous episode of Temptation Island. Everyone thinks that the cameras do not rotate and the vacationers make of that interference then eagerly use all brakes to release. “We have peanuts eaten”, says Gino in the trailer for the next episode. That, of course, is a plastic and description for cuddling and some kissing and who knows for something more. “Gino, you make me mad”, whispered Deborah. Now they are at the bottom of the ultimate temptation, or not? The power is according to the Day All the bacon to the mouth of Mezdi with temptress Denise in bed diving. Denise denied during the lie detector test that he had previously with Denise kissed would have but the test showed that he about lied. It promises Thursday weather a violent episode to be for the reunion of the couples is coming. Who will the thread come back? And what relationships are finally over and out?

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