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World cup 2018 – FIFA is investigating jungle sounds during the Russia-France

3de409dfc62b48b0dcb840207c836e05 - World cup 2018 - FIFA is investigating jungle sounds during the Russia-France

The Wereldvoetbalbond (FIFA) has a disciplinary procedure started against the Russian football federation as a result of the opinion that at the end of march to hear during the friendly Russia-France in Saint-Petersburg. Russia, that next summer the world cup organizes, lost the match with 1-3.

During the friendly international match were in the stadium racist sounds to be heard at the address of the black players. The jungle sounds were even audible on tv when Paul Pogba in the 73 rd minute the ball touched.

“The day after the contest we have already started an investigation to understand what happened,” explains the antidiscriminatieverantwoordelijke of the Russian federation (RFU) Alexander Baranov. “We are in contact with FIFA and are prepared by our findings.”

After the match, the FIFA report, to wait for an observer of Fare, an ngo that fights against discrimination in football. “What makes us worried is that this two and a half month for the world cup is done, in a stadium where a semi final is expected to continue,” said Fare executive director Piara Powar when to news agency AFP.

Russia seeks racismeprobleem for the football fans to tackle, but according to observers, there is a lot more to be done. Last month opened the European Football association (UEFA) disciplinary proceedings against Zenit St. Petersburg after racist sounds addressed to Leipzig midfielder Near Keita in the Europa League.

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