Woman should have custody of a dog to share with neighbor

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MIAMI – A bitter quarrel between two neighbors about who really is the most has the right to be the dog turned out to be a unique arrangement. The judge ruled that Tina Marie Walker, that the animal is adopted, the guardianship will have to share with her former neighbor.

Elario, the dog from the story.

Already in 2016 to adopt the American Tina Marie Walker her dog Elario. The dog was then four years old. The past five weeks, she can him, however, no longer just ’her’ dog call, because the former neighbor of Tina Marie, David, has, according to the judge the same right to custody of the dog.

“I don’t understand it because in the state of Florida is a dog is seen as property. He is on my name registered, I have to pay him,” says Tina Marie on Fox News.

At first it was cake, and egg between Tina Marie and David, a Vietnamveteraan that recovered from surgery for lung cancer. “I loved him and I have more than two years, cared for him,” said Tina Marie. Their band sour, however, when Tina Marie the dog Elario showed chipping and it under her name recorded. It would be the dog, and then at David kept, and then a lawsuit filed.

On 8 march, the field, the court, in its opinion: “Both parties have health problems which can be alleviated through time with Elario. Both parties have spent a lot of time with the dog and witnesses say that he did a lot of affection for both people.” Therefore, she condemned the two shared custody. Every two weeks brings Elario the weekend at David, then back to Tina Marie. “I don’t understand this at all. I am betrayed, my heart is broken, my dog is divided,” said that latter.

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