“Woman half out of the window plane sucked’

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NEW YORK – An airplane of airline Southwest Airlines has a forced landing made in New York after the engine exploded and a window out, clapping. One woman would often have been hit, and according to a passenger from the plane was a passenger on a high altitude half out of the window sucked, but could they themselves terugwringen.

The window broke and the woman was taken to the outside sucked at high altitude, so writes one of Cassie Adams. “She was out sucked, but was able to push back,” explains she. Another passenger wrote that a female passenger in ’critical condition’ after the window crashed. Supposedly it goes to the same woman.

In total there would be ten wounded. The plane flew from New York to Dallas and was able to make an emergency landing at an airport in Philadelphia.

A passenger made the emergency landing a Facebook Live video. “There is a problem with our plane! It seems that we go down. Emergency landing!”, so wrote the passenger, in the video with oxygen mask, too.

On board were 143 passengers and five crew members.

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