’Von Trier welcome at film festival after nazi comment”

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Filmmaker Lars von Trier may soon get an invitation to expect for the award of the Golden Palm. It seems that the directors of the Cannes film festival, the Danish director after years welcome.

Lars von Trier

“The management of the festival over the past few days have been busy for the persona non grata status to delete that Von Trier seven years ago,” said artistic director Thierry Frémaux during an interview on the French radio station Europe 1. “The directors are in the assumption that it might be time to bring him back a place as a filmmaker.” When he was asked to the return of Von Trier, let Frémaux, the one and other hint. “There will be an announcement,” he began. On the question why he is the news not immediately announced, he replied: “Well, I actually got a little bit done.”

Von Trier was in 2011 declared ‘ persona non grata after remarks about Adolf Hitler. During a press conference about his film Melancholia, he let know that he considers himself as a nazi. He also said that he understand the nazi leader.

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