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Verge is a partnership with Pornhub

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Not much less than the “greatest partnership that has seen the crypto world ever,” promised Justin Vendetta about three weeks ago. And he has kept his word! With Pornhub Verge can present to a Partner who has a month worldwide, 81 million visitors per day and the number 1 in the world for pornographic content.

Many of the Verge, investors will be pleased to know that the Verge Team three weeks ago, has reached its Crowdfunding target of 75 million XVG, thanks to a “Emergency Last-Minute”decision of TokenPay and thus not be at the time, the secret partnership.

The Verge of course benefited since the announcement greatly from the expectations of the unknown partnership. The rate was before the announcement about 0.025 Euro. The closer the D-Day came, as nervous investors were seemingly.

Today, on the day of the decision of the course prior to the announcement rose again sharply by 23 per cent (editorial time).

Shortly before the announcement, the share price was, this Runs at around 0,083 euros per XVG. Now the course seems to slowly break in and investors realize their gains they have achieved to dazo.

“The Future has Cum” – Pornhub partners with Verge

Already a few hours before the actual time, 16 o’clock German time, was discovered the secret, intentionally or unintentionally, by Pornhub. Under the Domain of a Video and Information is, in fact, been to find that Pornhub is now accepting Kryptos in the Form of Verge.

The company says that Pornhub is going to accept from now on Verge as a means of payment for Website services such as “Pornhub Premium” and a lot of other companies platforms.

Verge fits well to Pornhub: security and anonymity are the core features of the crypto-currency. Anonymous payments, and porn sites fit together in our opinion.

Behind the question of whether all of the investors are sure to be Probhub as a Partner satisfied, from our point of view, but at least a small question mark. Finally, it was also about possible partnerships with Amazon or PayPal speculated.

Nevertheless, Verge may be from our point of view is in line with expectations. Expectations, such as Amazon or PayPal rails coated from our point of view from the beginning. With Pornhub Verge has found a Partner that matches perfectly the values of the crypto currencies.

In addition, Verge gets with Pornhub a Partner that was able to record 81 million visitors per day (28.5 billion visitors for the year) with an area of 24.7 billion searches carried out in 2017.

The reach, the Verge gets, is actually in prison and “has the crypto world has never seen.” Whether XVG as a means of payment from the site is assumed to visitors, must only still show up.

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