Vegetarian dishes in Grillmasters

Last week went to the ten Grillmaster duo’s get started with pork and that was no easy task for Nobility, but it was the South African Carl and his girlfriend Annie who was the first hatchet had to put it away. In the next episode on Thursday 19 april, the nine remaining duos expected at the fir tree farm of Seppes fixed grocery shop Ole. The chef wants them to learn to work with the flavors, scents and colors of the field – biogroenten and biokruiden. The duo that the best boerenboterham grilt, go anyway to the next episode.

But that is more difficult than first thought if you should be grilling in… a hole in the ground. Joke and Katleen are nervous, Steve and Kurt to chill out, Nick and Kevin have everything there for about the exemption in the prize. But… I manage them?

The next day grill the duo on the Grillmasterhoeve three vegetarian dishes for Peter and Seppe and a test panel of… very picky butchers. On the menu : lots of stress, misunderstandings, the struggle to nettles, the duo’s in the trees, chapped bloemkoolpizza, sprookjesgerechten from the Efteling, a mini-concert by Mark and Mario, and… a culinary drama with anchovies in the lead role. “What do you mean, hear anchovies don’t belong in a veggie dish?!”

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