Turkey: Greeks violate international law

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ANKARA – Turkey accuses Greece of violating international law by eight Turkish soldiers not to deliver according to Ankara were involved in the failed coup d’état in 2016.

Two soldiers who fled to Greece.

Turkey and Greece are at odds with each other on various issues. Ankara is angry with the decline of Greece to the military to send back, that shortly after the coup in July 2016 to the country fled, and political asylum have requested.

The two NATO allies layers Monday still in the clinch on the hoisting of the Greek flag on an uninhabited island in the Aegean Sea. Turkey has the flag removed. Earlier this month, collapsed a Greek fighter plane down after battles with the Turks.

For years, Greece is actually doodbang for the old rival Turkey. The army and navy have been traditionally greatly on the care and executives sweating carrots as soon as a Turkish warship in Greek waters is approaching, despite the fact that both countries in the NATO sitting.


After a kabinetsbijeenkomst in Ankara on Tuesday called on the spokesperson of the Turkish government to Greece in order to see what he was called, to “undesirable events” in the Aegean Sea to prevent.

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