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Tips for locating a good Altcoins like DasCoin

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It makes sense to deal with Altcoins, such as DasCoin?

There are a huge number of Altcoins in the crypto market. Many of these, unfortunately, are characterised, however, by Fraudulent activities. Therefore, it is of immense importance that you carry out detailed Research if one wants to invest such an Altcoin, or act. With good Research you can find Altcoins, such as, for example, DasCoin, which have great potential for good profits.

Below we list some of the aspects that you should not neglect in the Research of Altcoins.

The Team

The development Team of Altcoins, such as, for example, DasCoin can well represent the relevance of the specific Altcoin is and will continue to assist in figuring out how much development has already been carried out in a project. The experience the Team has in the crypto industry is another important point. Team information can be found in the white paper of the Altcoins, or on the Linkedin profiles of the team.

The uniqueness of the project

Bitcoin has started as the first decentralized crypto-currency Revolution. Meanwhile, almost every Altcoin has been used for the same purpose developed. Most of the Altcoins are trying to replicate a solution. Search for new approaches, a unique project of better future opportunities, as long as the proposed project can be realized. In any case, it is important that you understand the purpose of the token, before you buy it.

Currency Distribution

To know how much has been distributed from a crypto currency already has a large influence on its market value. Trying to figure out how much of the currency in the Pre-Sale was sold and how long the ICO, this has a major influence on the currency distribution. In General, a crypto-currency will get more on the open market or crypto exchanges, if the demand exceeds the supply.

On to what crypto exchanges the Altcoins to be listed?

The more crypto exchanges have listed the Altcoin, the better. This represents the bullish nature of the Altcoins and the market. In General, it is a good sign when a trusted crypto exchange is pleased to announce the lists of that it is planning an Altcoin, which is still in its ICO Phase.


All of the new ICO’s need to be developed on existing block chains to create with the exception of Tokens, which are planning a new Blockchain for the corresponding Token. The used block Chain indicates which crypto currency is the new Token can be purchased. If an Altcoin, for example, was developed on the Ethereum Blockchain, it can only be bought with Ethereum.

Other important points

The strength of the Altcoin Community, as well as their activity is a good Barometer for the health of the Altcoins. Online communities can be found on reddit and . The generated Hype in a Community may well represent what the future of Coins. Pump and Dump schemes can affect all Coins leg and a good reason to keep an Altcoin. Such schemes to buy a Coin with a low market capitalization, and promote him to wait until a higher price has reached and then the organizers of such Pump and Dump scheme to sell their stocks of mostly unsuspecting new investors, which then leads to price crash of Altcoins.

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