The Last Game Wednesday in premiere in Hasselt.

Three years of working directors Sinan Tabanli, Ilhan Akgül and mederegisseur Kurt Cammon to the recording and financing their first feature film ‘The Last Game’. The promising, controversial crime-drama is based on true facts from the 80’s. In Turkey were by the state (unofficially) 40 patriots aka ‘Grey Wolves’ recruited and sent to Europe to fight against the recognized Armenian terrorist group ‘ASALA’. This ‘Grey Wolves’ were operating in a network, Paris, Liège and Rotterdam and were, after the successful accomplishment of their mission, by the Turkish state to their fate. Due to their special skills and knowledge, were many of these “dumped” patriots seduced by the crime. ‘The Last Game’ tells the violent story of one of these ‘Grey Wolves’, who regret his criminal activities and it paired atrocities, and decides to similar criminals, and gangs, in his own circle of acquaintances, to eradicate. ‘The Last Game’ was for 90 % in Belgium, rotated (Genk, Ostend, the Hague, Brussels, Liège…) and strict o.a. the Turkish steracteur Ali Sürmeli, better known as Zaza Dayi, the remarkable character that he drop it in the popular Turkish series ” Kurtlar Vadisi’. The big star is, however, the 63-year-old Recep Yagizoglu from Heusden-Zolder. This ex-bodybuilder and a retired coal miner and was on the streets, literally picked, but is now a great future as an actor predicted. ‘The Last Game’ is Wednesday evening, april 18, in avant-premiere at Kinepolis Hasselt. From the 20th of april is ‘The Last Game’ was shown in 150 cinemas in Turkey from 25 april, the public at large to him, even in Kinepolis Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt and Liege are going to discover.

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