’Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham gets out to parents at Coachella

411a52057604458fe6ecb19d491213de - ’Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham gets out to parents at Coachella

Farrah Abraham gets himself arranged the press because of her sometimes irresponsible choices as a mother, but this time it is the former Teen Mom star that out to other parents. She finds it ridiculous that parents bring their children to the immensely popular festival Coachella.

Farrah Abraham with daughter Sophia Laurent

Farrah is also herself, together with her 9-year-old daughter present in Palm Springs, but not to visit the festival. “We have a lot of fun together, but she goes in the evening just to go to bed.”, tells the realityster. “I’m sorry, but the critical mother in me finds it really not safe to have a baby to take to Coachella with all the drugs and psychedelic shit. Therefore, my daughter, just being at the resort where she worked with the nanny to enjoy the pool. I just don’t understand that some parents recommend you bring children, so irresponsible!”

Remarkably, there was Farrah recently under fire when, during this mother-dochtervakantie in Palm Springs, her buttocks had to inject in the presence of her daughter.

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