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Strange murders after nuclear disaster

a44f4a092810c3daee9d813be5f63543 - Strange murders after nuclear disaster

Spanish fiction is hip these days. The Spanish series ‘La zona’, which tonight is on the Canvas begins, plays out in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster. These are our tv tips.

1. La Zona

Canvas 22.55-23.50 hours

In Canvas, they had perhaps the success of La casa de papel in the holes when they have these Spanish misdaadserie ordered. Therein happen in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster, suddenly a number of strange murders.

2. Stephen: the murder that changed a nation

BBC 1 22.00-23.00

This three-part documentary examines the murder of the black London teenager, Stephen Lawrence in 1993. The first episode shows how and why the police failed suspects.

3. Watts

Canvas 21.15-22.05 hours

In this reportagereeks investigate the klimaatactiviste Natalie Eggermont and energy engineer Jonas Verstraeten or the climate of Paris is still feasible.

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