Starbucks will close Us coffee shops for training around racism

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Coffee chain Starbucks will close an afternoon of all of its stores in the United States to its employees a training around racism. Does the company after an incident in one of his coffee shops.

Almost 175.000 employees will, on 29 may, a training should follow around racist prejudices and discrimination. This excludes Starbucks in the afternoon, more than 8,000 businesses in the US. About 6,000 coffee shops with a licence will remain open. They are run by the supermarkets or airports where they are located. But also that employees will, according to Starbucks materials.

The occasion is the arrest of two black men last week, that a friend were waiting in a Starbucks in Philadelphia. The staff called the police because the two men is not something immediately ordered.

The day should such incidents occur.

‘Although this is not only at Starbucks is done, we want our commitment to be a part of the solution, ” says ceo Kevin Johnson. “Our stores close for training on racial prejudice is only one step in a process that commitment from all levels of our business.”

According to Starbucks, this is the manager who the police called not more to get started at Starbucks. Ceo Johnson had Monday a meeting with the two men to apologize.


The two black men went last Thursday to the Starbucks inside and asked to use the toilet. After a staff member said that the toilet is only for paying customers, were the two in the case sit without ordering anything. She called the store manager, the police, and the two were arrested. There was no complaint against them was filed.

The video of the arrest is now being extensively shared on the internet and causes a lot of outrage. In a video of January is also an African-American customer who says that he does not have the same rights to go to the restroom, than the white customers.

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