So try to find out if your sunscreen is still good

ANTWERP – It is getting warmer, the sun is again of the party and then also the sunscreen back out of the stable, but how do you know that are still good? Sunburn has definitely an expiration date and if the cream does not work any more, also get the harmful UV rays free game. But how about you?

So try to find out if your sunscreen is still good

Have a supply of sunscreen from last summer? Then it may well be that that’s still usable. According to the manufacturers themselves, you you the cream for about a year saving, but a study of Test Purchasing was previously shown that they often have a longer shelf life. But how does a dermatologist say? “Use your common sense as to sunscreens,” says dr. Thomas Maselis against The Newspaper.

“If you have last years one with a factor of 50 purchased, then that a year later still work, only it will be the factor than, for example, have dropped to 40 or 30. Do you want to be one hundred percent sure, respect than the date mentioned on the bottle. Usually placed on the packaging of a cosmetic jar which is how long the product remains on once you have opened”, it sounds.


Do you want the sunscreen as long as possible try to keep, then you need to think about other things. Mount it somewhere where it is dark, cool and dry. In particular, avoid direct contact with sunlight, because the composition can change. “Of course, it is not a good idea to put your suntan lotion on the dashboard of your car, there can be up to 60 degrees warm. Sunscreen is especially sensitive to temperature fluctuations and light,” says Maselis yet.

And once you’ve found out whether your sunscreen is still good, then you can begin to lubricate. But how often should that be? “For example, if you just a drink will do, you just once every four hours”, gives the dermatologist to. “You go in the water then you need to make the two-hour smear.”

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