Singer Romy Monteiro falls on machomannen

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Romy Monteiro is on masculine men. Her fiance, Django, with whom she is actually in the summer wanted to get married, calling them a “oerman”.

“He is big, strong, muscled, and macho,” says Monteiro in Beau Monde. “And hold the door for me. The male role suits him. Fortunately, he does a lot of things in-house, such as cooking and cleaning. And, beyond that, he is also bloedknap and smart.”

The 25-year-old Monteiro says for macho types to go because they are a “powerful person” is. “I have a big mouth and know clearly what I want. If there is someone next to me is yes and amen says, I don’t find it attractive. I need to use fire, must sometimes be inhibited.”

With male colleagues from the showbizzwereld has Monteiro, who was in The Bodyguard, never gedatet. “Men from the world of showbiz are not the types where I fall. I find them sometimes a little effeminate.”


Monteiro said in an earlier interview that they get behind with the planning of her wedding. “The tricky thing is that we have no choices. For everything that the wedding planner came up with, we think: “oh nice!”

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